Turin has some genuine baroque gems peppered throughout its picturesque parks and courtyards. Parco della Tesoriera is a worthwhile visit. Nonnas and nonnos watching their grandkids on the lawns, runners with earbuds against a stunning backdrop of fountains and the once-upon-a-time home of the Treasurer.

Eataly is an institution in Italy. It is a foodie’s grocery wet dream. The Eataly in Turin is a grocery with several stories of traditional, artisan, Italian food-fare. Say hello to the freshest cheese, pastas, olive oils, meats, fruits and vegetables. Then descend down to the underground floor, the floor that is dedicated to the Piedmont region wines and spirits. Just a real treat.

The University of Turin faculty building completed by foster + partners in 2013 makes students privy to innovative design and architecture.

a composition of brushed metal bands and sky-reflecting glazing, the new building set to accommodate 5,000 students. the design consolidates the faculties of law and political science within two volumes linked by a single roof canopy. with a depth determined by solar path analysis, the large overhang is a particularly effective passive cooling strategy; combined with intelligent building systems and tri-generation heating and cooling, the structure requires 20 percent less energy than an equivalently-sized building sans sustainable measures. a landmark hardscaping measure employs 7200 photocatalytic paving tiles that help neutralize the movement of pollutants like dust. bordered by a meandering green ‘philosopher’s walk’, the design encourages pedestrian movement through linking pathways and easy access to local rail and bus services, while still providing roof gardens and light-filled quiet study spaces.