Teamwork Makes the Dream

Its been a long time since we’d updated this page and to be frank, we’ve had a lot of changes come forward in the past year that warranted this lack of attentiveness.

First, the Italian half of this couple finally completed University and moved here permanently. Amidst this transition we overlapped a move to a new city in la belle province: Montreal. This required some long and hard brainstorming, planning and execution on our part, and as such we dedicated most if not all our free time to figuring out the how-to’s in that regard.

In October 2018, we wanted to go deeper into the city, closer to the subway line but our glance at the market in Toronto made it obvious that we would be limited to a 10 block radius outside of our current Toronto digs. This was not cool, we wanted the metro, food, culture and city life at our fingertips, and moving 10 blocks east or west did not even scratch the surface of those wants.

Enter Montreal. We went back in time and recalled all of the places we’d visited in the past together, what we had enjoyed and what we had not about each area. If you look back at our Instagram feed, the first photos and experiences we posted were in Montreal, Quebec. We got nostalgic, and realized this city held a pretty vibrant spot in our memories.

Montreal has just the right amount of European vibes to make us feel at home. We decided that was it, we would get out of the condo in Toronto and make our way north to Montreal.

So here we are. We’ve spent this summer DIYing our home renovations, and exploring every area of the city on our own and with visiting friends and family. I have taken a liking to demolition, power tools and custom building (our kitchen cabinets and island) from my years of childhood experience with Lego. She has painted every surface of this home, and decorated the place with mementos and tchotchkes from our travels.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Now we are sort of sitting back, looking at our home, wandering the city streets in awe of what we have accomplished in less than a year. We did it. We’ve made Montreal our home and after almost 4 years long distance, we are finally together.