Stairs Forever

Adidas and Nike…a walking contradiction on the mosaic tile floors of the apartment lobby. Every day four flights of stairs greeted us before we’d explore Turin, and again four flights back up on the walk home. To her it is four flights of stairs, to me it is eight because you turn the corner twice before the next floor. These are not mindless American stairs, these steps are taller and require more focus and endurance to master.

Adidas Gazelles , Nike Leggings
Adidas Gazelles , Nike Leggings

Each time I’d lose my breath on the way up to the top floor, I would imagine a nonna climbing the stairs with bags of food. If little Italian nonnas can make it up these stairs, so can I. We both noticed something funny on the windowsill of the first floor.

We found the Biggest Prick in Turin ;)
We found the Biggest Prick in Turin 😉