Explore Nové Město

Explore Nové Město, Prague with a pair of comfortable shoes. The art of David Czerny and nods to Franz Kafka are displayed prominently throughout the city.

We found a cute antique book store where we grabbed a few hand drawn maps of the arctic (you just never know when they’ll come in handy). Honorable mentions go to the crazy lineup inside the Dancing House, and the let down at the top floor when you realize the restaurant is closed and there are no stairs to get out, only one elevator ride back down. It was deflating, and the alternative over-priced coffee shop view at the top just didn’t make the cut for us. We found a nice piano bar on the walk home instead.

If you do your research, you might end up inside a mall with a real sketchy lift and a statue of a horse dangling upside down from the ceiling. Not kidding.